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Well today I came across a website/blog named 'Artonomy', which was written by a 'follower' from Twitter and I instantly loved the site.

Quote from their site:

"About Artonomy

Artists, Crafters, Photographers, Musicians, Tattooists, Sculptors, Cake Makers, Illustrators, Writers, Creative Entrepreneurs.

We are dedicated to empowering creative people with the business & marketing skills needed to promote your creative work, sell art {online and offline} and survive financially and mentally {the two do kind of go hand in hand} as an Artist.

Whatever your skill, if you don't feel at home in a business suit you'll feel at home here.

Escape the 9-5 and do what you love. Life's too short."

The website was colourful in its appearance and had clearly been made by somebody with great illustration and design skills. The illustrations that were present on the site just fitted perfectly with the overall theme and were expertly done.

More importantly than the overall look of the website was the content contained within. What i thought would just be a quick browse through someone elses blog/site, turned into a good hours worth of reading about advice for other artists and creatives who want to potentially make an income from their art.

The information on the 'Artonomy' was well written and thus well understood by myself. It was clearly written by somebody who had experience of what they were talking about and were kind enough to share their findings, advice and tips with the rest of the world, which all too often is something that is rare to come across these days. I also liked the little bits of humour that were dropped into the occasional sentence and paragraph. This really helped the whole reading and viewing experience along for me. Often with sites that offer advice it can all get a little stale, repetetive and boring and can become information overload as well but with 'Artonomy' this certainly wasn't the case and as a viewer I was grateful for that.

I personally highly recommend this website and I've already revisited several more times today alone in order to read more of their advice and tips and so 'Artonomy' is the first site on my new blog that gets my 'Thumbs Up!' rating.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you'll join me again.